Social Network Learning: EDTECH543

I know. I know. A course on social network learning seems a bit late to be taken as my last elective for edtech coursework, but let me explain.

Yes, I have already had accounts for many of the social networks we will be using in the course, and, yes, I have used them for professional and instructional purposes, but not consistently. (As you can see, I have not posted to this blog in months. Maybe this course will help change that.)

In many areas, consistency is key, so I hope to learn how to better manage my social and professional outlets. I’m here to learn more from others and expand my personal/professional learning network (PLN). I’m here to learn new ways to harness social networking for my students and colleagues.  I want to know what has and hasn’t worked from others who have tried it out. I’m here to learn some new ideas, tools, strategies to better utilize the 1:1 technology in my classroom

Speaking of life in the 1:1 secondary classroom, I have noted the various options in social networks that students choose to use, but I am most curious to see how to integrate it consistently within a classroom and/or which option works best to gain buy-in.

So, here’s to a summer of social network learning and sharing.

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  1. Hi Angela,

    I am excited to have another course with you. Do you find that your students resist using their social networks for learning purposes? Meaning, do they try to keep their personal stuff and their school stuff separate? Which platforms, resources, or tools do they tend to gravitate to most naturally?

    Looking forward to working with you this summer!


    1. Yes, it’s difficult to find common ground when there are clear lines between personal and “professional” (school) lives. I guess it’s all about the image nowadays. See you in the forums!

  2. Hi, Angela,

    It is great to be taking another course with you. This is my last cognate course. It is exciting to see that we are both getting to the end of our coursework. I think you make an excellent point that consistency is critical. The most challenging aspect of social media is the constant flow of information. A user can quickly become lost or “out-of-date” by just not checking their accounts daily. This can be an arduous task, especially considering how busy everyone’s lives are throughout the day. I’m excited to see how we can encourage our students to join and learn with us in an online community. I look forward to working with you this semester!

    1. Barak,
      It’s so true about the speed at which tools or sites can go from “in” to “out.” Hopefully, we can learn to adapt as quickly as the changes come at us.


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