Classroom Communication Poll

We all know school is about to start for a great many of us, and one aspect of teaching is extremely important: communication.

Please participate in the following poll about classroom communication tools. Thanks!

Classroom Communication

6 Replies to “Classroom Communication Poll”

  1. This is a good poll! Communication is certainly such an important aspect of teaching and learning. As a librarian, I do most of my communicating with students who need reference help via email. This is how I set up most of my appointments. I also teach a section of first-year seminar and in this setting almost all of my communication with my students takes place via Canvas, which is our LMS. I’m sure that K12 teachers communicate in many different ways depending on how their classrooms are set up, what subject they teach, and level of parent involvement needed. It’s definitely a relevant topic for a poll. Have a good year!

    1. Yes, it’s so important, and I must say that I find it refreshing to see a librarian reaching out to students. I have used every method in my poll, but I was curious as to what others rely upon. We, too, use Canvas as our LMS in the school district where I work. We are 1:1 Apple iPads and MacBooks. I am pleased with how having an LMS such as Canvas has increased student communication with the teacher. I see even the most introverted kids reaching out for help and asking questions as well as scheduling makeups this way. I hope you have a good year as well.

  2. It might be better to have the poll open in a new tab. It’s easier than having to navigate all the way back here after placing my vote!

    Great poll, though. I’d be interested to see what the results are after you finish collecting responses.

    1. I hadn’t thought of opening in another tab. I’ll go see if I can edit that right away. Thanks for that valuable feedback. I’ll be sure to share my results once I have more responses.

  3. Communication is so key, to both parents and students! I used to use Remind in my classroom, but did not use it last year. My plan is to use it next year in some of my classes. It’s interesting to see that you used PollEverywhere, I’ve always used their live version but I never thought to use it in this format!

    1. Like you, I hadn’t used PollEverywhere in this capacity, but I find that it works well this way.

      We use remind extensively in my school. I have one for my different course and my Scholars’ Bowl team. We even have one for our faculty to help with meeting times, etc. I love the reminders!

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