Literature & Art Blended Beautifully

So, of course, I am bit biased where books are concerned, but I had to share my favorite new way to keep literature at the center of my classroom decor: Litographs. 

Litographs is a company out of Boston that takes favorite works of literature and turns the text into art.  They use the text to create and shape beautiful images out of the words. I started out by ordering one poster for my classroom, and now that collection has grown by eight. The students comment on them frequently, and it gets them talking about certain books. Not only does the company create posters, there are also tees, totes, and tattoos (temporary) in an array of colors.

Here are the posters that started it all!


Romeo & Juliet

Check out my new birthday tees. (Jane Eyre of the left/The Princess Bride on the right) What a wonderful present for the book lover in your life!

Like most teachers, I am busy now prepping my classroom for the new school year, but I just wanted to be sure to share my love for Litographs.

FYI: They do offer a teacher discount if you send them an email and verify your status!


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9 Replies to “Literature & Art Blended Beautifully”

  1. Such a fun share. I had no idea. Are they limited to mainstream titles? I have an all time favorite obscure historical fiction favorite that was recommended to me by my junior high librarian… wonder if they could do something with that.

    On a side note… I was perusing Pinterest the other day and ran across a post which lead to a blog that YOU commented on (The Hungry Teacher) late July… such a small world!!!

    1. They have ventured into more modern selections. Some of it relies on permissions to use the text. I am waiting anxiously to see if they ever make one for To Kill a Mockingbird. You can also suggest titles and designs, and the plus is that they allow people to vote as well. The company is great at replying to feedback and questions.

  2. Thanks for sharing! I can already think of great gifts for many of my teacher friends. Would you say that the items are pretty affordable with the teacher discount? I am just wondering if it would even make a great present for the kiddos themselves as they achieve certain literature milestones… Thank you again!

    1. I need more friends like you. I would love this. Fortunately, my husband always manages to find unique things like this for me. The discount is a dollar amount off each item you order, which explains my eight posters. They also had a sale around Black Friday when I ordered.

  3. I love your ideas! I am definitely going to share your blog with a friend of mine – she will love this!!

    1. Thanks! I’m so glad you plan to share. After all, that’s why I committed to this blogging adventure. I really want to share the great ideas I come across in my field with others. Teachers need each other!

  4. These are SO cute! I am in a book club and we do Christmas Secret Santa every year and one of these would be perfect! Love it!

    1. Yes, what a great idea for book club! I think that would be the fave of the group. It’s a bit harder to find cool ELA gifts than math and science, so I have really latched on to these.

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