Here’s to New Beginnings…


New beginnings incite mixed feelings for most of us. For some, they entail excitement, spontaneity, and adventure while, for some, anxiety, fear, and stress. In fact, many people detest writing since words do not magically flow onto the page; it is a process, but one well worth the endeavor. As an English Language Arts(ELA) teacher, I feel the pressure of all feelings above. Will these entries be of interest? Will I be under compositional scrutiny just because I teach ELA? Oh, the insecurities that threaten our best efforts! But, regardless of initial feelings, the basic truth is that beginnings bring us opportunity. What we make of said opportunity falls upon our own willingness to try something new, to take the risk, to grow.

This blog begins my venture into sharing my educational experiences (both EdTech and ELA) with a larger audience in hopes of helping others find new ways to learn. Often, I have been met with the questioning brow or skeptical look when technology and English class are combined in the same sentence, as if there is some invisible line drawn between print and digital English classrooms (or any classroom for that matter). Choose a side, they say with taciturn eyes; however, technology is not the opposition. It CAN be blended beautifully into the classroom to improve students’ reading, writing, and analysis skills. You can straddle this imaginary line and learn and grow right along with the students. Scary, I know, but well worth the endeavor.

We must model life-long learning if we expect students to value it as well. So, with all of this in mind, look forward to seeing posts on a wide range of ideas, tools, strategies, and the like as the emphasis is placed on learning with technology and reaching students. Though many examples will be within the realm of ELA, I look forward to reading comments on how you adapt them.

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  1. Hi Angela, I look forward to learning with you! You brought up an interesting point about how there with a divide between technology and English. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that this divide is also present in other subjects, even in my subject of history. I wonder if it is because of people naturally assumptions of the subject based off of their experiences that did not involve such technology. Either way, I enjoyed reading your post!

    1. It’s true about this divide in ELA and history, which is my “teacher bestie’s” content area is at school. I think it’s primarily due to the amount of text covered. Slowly, we will bridge that gap, but it is ever more important that we share with one another and make the transition in thinking one teacher at a time. We’re all in this together, so please share if you find some great resources!

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